Diamon-Fusion International, Inc. (DFI) passed a new milestone with the sale to the Middle East of their largest glass protective coating machine ever built, DFI’s FuseCube Model XL Jumbo, for IKK Industrial Group’s subsidiary company, IKK Glass Works. This custom Jumbo FuseCube was sold by DFI’s GCC exclusive distributors: Milan-based HC Nanotec, HIET and Green Building Technologies.

The IKK Group is a highly reputable and diversified industrial group in terms of products, services and geography operating in the field of trading, manufacturing and contracting, composed of 60 independent companies that operate through 200 divisions, branches and outlets spread over 13 countries covering all major cities in the region.

The FuseCube Jumbo coating machine is able to treat as many as 450 glass lites, front to back with its patented vapor bath, in an hour’s time, with max capacity runs topping out a whopping 1650 sqm (17,775 sq. ft.). This will allow the glass manufacturing facility to enjoy massive labor reductions, while experiencing exponential amounts of productivity and 15X more throughputs. Its design features are truly limitless and have no restrictions on the different types of glass it can coat (pattern, shape or glass sizes).

Quote attributable to Guillermo Seta | Sr. VP of Global Business Development at DFI

“The demand for a high-quality protective coating on all types of glass surfaces is greater than ever, and we expect that trend to accelerate as glass technologies continue to develop; our Jumbo FuseCube will enable IKK Glass Works to provide ample industrial flexibility at the lowest unit cost, treating both sides of the glass automatically while virtually eliminating application labor and reducing handling costs.”

Quote attributable to Louay Al Waqqad | General Manager, IKK glass, Jeddah, KSA

“I believe Diamon-Fusion protective coating is the future of glass technology. We made the decision to have the first DFI Jumbo machine in the area and in the world because we trust that it will be a great addition to IKK’s newest factory in the Middle East having the highest brands of machinery in the glass processing field. The FuseCube will be one of our strongest assets to provide customers with the best quality of glass. I thank HIET for bringing this technology to us and with their technical support it will not be long before we put our order in for the second machine soon.”

Massimiliano Langs, Managing Director of HC Nanotec, had this to add: “We are very proud of this accomplishment and the high level of team work with all our partners, HIET and Green Building Technologies, and DFI’s unconditional support to make this happen; this is a major development for us and I believe for the glass industry at large. This will also be a great asset for IKK Glass Works and a very positive development for all their customers, setting new expectations in the industry with respect to the protection and long-term investment they’re providing on their glass products.”

The coating machine is set to be hosted in IKK Glass Works up-and-coming manufacturing facility in Saudi Arabia during Q4-2017.