Project Description


Ever wonder what the future will look like? Well thanks to and people of Dubai, we can now get a better understanding. The Museum of the Future (MOTF) is under construction in Dubai and it is unlike anything the world has seen before. The Museum builds on over 5 years of temporary immersive exhibitions held at the World Government Summit and will serve as an incubator for futuristic design and innovation. Brilliantly conceived by Killa Design, the torus-shaped building boasts 17,000 m2, LEED platinum status, stainless steel clad and 7 stories of exhibition space. The Museum is set to be completed before April 2020.

Protects against stains and corrosion

Reduces maintenance costs/time

Enhanced value and appearance

Glass stays cleaner longer


The Inquiry.

Shaping up to be one of the world’s most advanced buildings, the Museum of the Future will feature some astonishing accomplishments in architectural design. So, assuring that all the exterior glazing is kept in pristine condition is crucial – especially when considering the ambiance, views and accentuating factors the Museum’s glass will add to visitors. As a result, a hydrophobic coating was specified by Killa Design – one that could keep the glass looking beautiful for years to come, as well as reduce cleaning costs and time.

The Solution.

After many months of testings and meetings, Killa Design, backed by Multiforms LLC, BAM International and the Ruler of Dubai, HH Sheikh Mohammed, decided to apply Diamon-Fusion to all the exterior glass surfaces. By chemically bonding to the silica in glass, Diamon-Fusion transforms ordinary glass into a high-performing hydrophobic surface proven not only to be a cost-effective solution for preserving glass, but also durable enough to keep glass looking beautiful and cleaner for longer.

The Outcome.

Over 75,000 square feet (7,000 square meters) of high-performance, insulated glass will be pre-treated at the factory level by Multiforms LLC. Applying Diamon-Fusion before installation in the factory ensures consistent coverage and proper technique as applicators are trained and certified on the application process.

Protects against stains and corrosion

Diamon-Fusion creates an invisible, high-performing barrier that prevents rainwater, dust and other pollutants from sticking to the exterior glazing, leaving owners with a beautiful, more brilliant surface.

Enhanced value and appearance

Diamon-Fusion is 100% optically clear, UV resistant (won’t break down in sunlight) and transforms ordinary glass into extraordinary glass by adding more surface brilliance.

Reduces maintenance costs and time

Similar in functionality to a non-stick cooking pan, glass treated with Diamon-Fusion repels rainwater and outside pollutants, resulting in easier cleanings and a reduction in maintenance costs by up to 50%.

Glass stays cleaner longer

By filling in the peaks and valleys of the glass, minerals from hard water, dirt, dust and other contaminants cannot embed themselves in the surface of the glass, improving long-term performance.


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