Project Description


Hotel Kempinski S.A. is a hotel group headquartered in Geneva Switzerland. With luxury holiday resorts, as well as business and spa hotels around the world, every Kempinski Hotel is uniquely designed for guests who value five-star holidays and luxury getaways. As Europe’s oldest luxury hotel group, the Kempinski name is committed to providing guests with memorable journeys inspired by exquisite European flair.

The hotel group was founded in 1897 and currently operates 75 five-star hotels and residencies in 30 countries.

Saved on glass replacement costs

Enhanced glass appearance

Reduced cleaning time and costs

No harsh cleaners required


The Problem.

Several hundred shower enclosures at Hotel Kempinski in Indonesia were severely damaged from hard water stains, soap scum and leaching from limescale. In fact, the shower doors were actually set to be replaced; however, because of the hotel’s high occupancy rates, finding empty rooms was a huge difficulty.

The Solution.

After learning about the many benefits of glass restoration and protection services, the esteemed hotel chain chose Ageis International Indonesia to bring their shower enclosures back to a pristine, like-new condition, then retain their look by treating the glass with the Company’s premium nano coating (a Diamon-Fusion system).

The Outcome.

Over 300 hundred shower enclosures were successfully restored and protected to retain better durability and reduction in costs of labor and material. The project was broken up into three phases and totaled around 11,000 square feet.

The Feedback.

“If we replaced the glass, it would shut us down for at least two days, which simply meant two days of lost sales. With DFI’s restoration and coating services, it merely took a few hours and we are back on sale! ” – Hotel Indonesia Kempinski Jakarta | Housekeeping Manager

Saved on glass replacement costs

When applied to shower glass, Diamon-Fusion protects against hard water stains, soap scum, and limescale. As a result, glass replacement projects are avoided, potentially saving thousands of dollars.

Reduced cleaning time and costs

Similar in functionality to a non-stick cooking pan, Diamon-Fusion treated shower doors repel water and oily liquids, resulting in faster cleanings and a reduction in maintenance costs by up to 50%.

Enhanced glass appearance

Diamon-Fusion is 100% optically clear and transforms ordinary glass into extraordinary glass by adding more surface brilliance. This feature will help compliment any hotel bathroom interior.

No harsh cleaners required

Diamon-Fusion promotes a healthier more hygienic environment by eliminating the need for harsh chemicals and cleaners. Cleanup can be done in seconds with just water and a microfiber towel.


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